Houzz: The top outdoor home trends for 2024

by Emily Marek

Summer is underway, and many homeowners are looking for ways to upgrade their outdoor spaces so they can enjoy the heat in style.

The home renovation site Houzz surveyed homeowners who undertook outdoor home renovation projects between May 25 and June 5, 2024, to determine the hottest projects this summer. Here are the results.

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Extended living spaces

About one-third of homeowners who upgraded their outdoor spaces this spring did so to extend their living spaces outside for the purpose of outdoor entertaining. In fact, nearly half — 44% — of millennials and 42% of Gen Xers surveyed said their outdoor renovations were intended to create a better space for entertaining guests.

Outdoor kitchens

Approximately one in eight renovating homeowners installed or upgraded an outdoor kitchen — quite a large undertaking when you consider the plumbing, electrical and heating considerations, let alone the cost of appliances, countertops and storage. Nearly 90% of these outdoor kitchens included a grill, followed by beverage refrigerators at 67%, cooktops at 46%, pizza ovens at 33% and smokers or deep fryers at 22%.

The trend goes hand in hand with the theme of extending living spaces outside. After all, what better way to entertain than to cook a meal and share it with your guests, all from your backyard?

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Upgraded landscaping

Over three-quarters of outdoor renovators opted to upgrade their greenery with plants, shrubs and trees, while two-thirds undertook garden bed and border upgrades.

The most popular plants to include in an outdoor oasis were flowering plants at a whopping 82%. Flowers were followed by low-maintenance greenery at 71%, butterfly, bee or hummingbird attractants at 55% and native plants at 52%.


Upgraded outdoor lighting allows outside time to extend well after the sun sets, so it’s no wonder nearly four in five renovating homeowners chose to install new lighting. The most popular type was landscape lighting at 81%, followed by string or bistro lights at 44% and porch sconces at 37%.

Furthermore, the most popular material for new outdoor lighting was a mixture of glass and metal, although some renovators selected lighting that was entirely metal (other than the bulbs, of course).

Other popular outdoor system upgrades include irrigation, security systems and audio or visual media capabilities.

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Furnishings and decor

This one seems like a no-brainer: Possibly the simplest way to upgrade an outdoor space is through adding furniture and decor. Renovators were most likely to buy new lights for aesthetic purposes, followed by new chairs, pillows and throws, umbrellas, rugs and sofas or sectionals.

Renovators said the most common reasons for these outdoor purchases were both visual appeal and durability, followed by comfort.

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