How much value do renovations add to fixer-uppers across Texas?

by Emily Marek

Renovating a fixer-upper is one way to add significant value to a residential property — but just how much value can homeowners add in the Lone Star State?

Frontdoor analyzed the cost, added value and profit margin for renovated homes in cities across America and found that, in Texas, Laredo is the fixer-upper king. Renovators in this southern Texas city can expect a 27.89% increase in value after their projects are complete, just above the national average of 27.5%.

Laredo was followed by Lubbock at 21.31%, Corpus Christi at 21.25%, San Antonio at 17.63%, El Paso at 17.59%, Houston at 16.30%, Fort Worth at 14.84%, Garland at 14.81%, Arlington at 13.61%, Dallas at 13.51% and Austin at 12.43%.

Nationwide, Frontdoor found that, overall, kitchen cabinets are the interior renovation most likely to add significant value, followed by kitchen appliances, kitchen counters, kitchen faucets and sinks, kitchen lighting and bathroom showers and tubs.

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